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November 26-28th, Arnhem, The Netherlands

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What is Warpstock

Warpstock © is an annual event dedicated to computer platforms based on IBM's operatingsystem OS/2. This unique event will take place each year in Europe as well as in the United States of America.

Warpstock Europe 2004

This years Warpstock Europe will be held from November 26-28th at the StayOkay Hostel, Arnhem, The Netherlands. Just as in 2002 the event will be organized by the Dutch OS/2 user group.


What can you expect from Warpstock this year?

You've been around long enough to know that even the best Warpstock is only as good as the quality and commitment of the people who support it.  As always, there will be a large series of lectures on a variety of subjects demonstrating the wide range of possibilities offered by the OS/2 operating system. Of course several international OS/2 user groups will be there to demonstrate the most recent OS/2 software and gadgets. Did you hear about the eCS road map 2004? Well, Warpstock Europe is intending to show you almost everything about this in outstanding reality! So, don't hesitate to come and enjoy Warpstock Europe 2004 in the Netherlands.